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Pokemon Trainer: Matteo Fluch by reenaroy84 Pokemon Trainer: Matteo Fluch by reenaroy84
Made using :iconhapuriainen: 's Trainer Dress up thing...Thanks! xD I just needed to make a Trainer version of Matteo. And here's his profile.

Name: Matteo Fluch (A.K.A. Benjamin Flurry)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Attitude: Seemingly apathetic, but extremely passionate underneath the surface. Hard to deal with.

Physical Characteristics: Shaggy brunet hair, deep blue eyes, and lanky body.

Weapon: Short blade and sword.

Motto: “You have two options, leave me alone or die. Which would you prefer?”

Weaknesses: Guilt, allergic to cherry blossoms, is over competitive, and lets his feelings get in the way of his actions.

Pokemon: Teddiursa

Background history: When he was seven, both of his parents were taken away by Glyfian knights to be hung because of their faith. The Meer family, his neighbors, took him in. Three years later, he and his best friend, Lyle Meer -the Meer family's first and only born son- were forced into the Glyfian army to fight on the front lines. His hatred of the Glyfian Empire and his need to live conflict daily as he fights. He tried to escape with Lyle to the other Kingdom one night while the hallway patrols were switching . Their attempts failed, resulting in Matteo losing his right ring finger and Lyle's death. Matteo has been branded with fear and even more hate towards the Empire of Glyf. He has been sent to share a room with Dem Frei, a fellow Private Second class, and Len Neimand, an easily manipulated Private, in the center of the army facilities to make sure he does not flee again, but all three of them had plans of escape and with the help of an “enemy” spy they escaped to the Kingdom of Vedro and have changed their names so that they can start new lives. Matteo split ways with the two others after changing his name to Ben Flurry, saying he is better off on his own. After parting ways, a tsunami crashed into the village he was staying in and he was washed away to Cianwood City where he starts a whole new journey.

Extras: Has a large scar across his shoulder blades.

Speech Style: Has a New Jersey accent.
devious-onigiri Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Student Photographer
wow, you put so much thought in to your characters! :wow: he's so cute~ :3

hey, how r ya? I haven't heard from you in a while.^^
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July 1, 2010
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